.:- Why?

Soldiers were born and soldiers are dying
conquerers and fighters are aiming high
missiles fly through the black sky if you ask about
noone knows why why they have to suffer

The priests set and rise as like the burning sun
the nuns are praying for their young lost sons
politicians keep rollin’ on they’re hunting peace on earth
while they wade in children’s blood and guts

Straight out to battlefield
you’ve got to face the enemy
straight out to holy wars
in the name of god

I crawl through deserts trying to escape
I face the forests will they get saved?
I see the marine fauna rotting in white sand
look at the animals butchered with our own hands

Children sleeping on the ground
‘cause home they’ve never found
no more dreams no hope
Dead warriors fighting on
freedom’s status for everyone
cause and effect is fear

No more emaciation
no more senseless conflicts
no trust in conventions?
Sounds of destruction
forever will surround them
eternal darkness