.:- strange world
  is that earth we're living on
on which highways we're traveling on
is it lust or is it love
tell me what you're thinking of
blinded eyes they cannot see
what real love was meant to be
deaf minds still cannot hear
when i cry with helpless fear

is it heaven we're going to
maybe an angel follows you
you don't know how it will be
will it end in harmony
go on in the same old way
you're longing for another day
this world is too strange for you
tell me are you feeling blue

the world is so cold
the world will get cut
it's in our hands
when we will stop
the love is so strong
and the fear is so great
you don't feel the same
now you're so full of shame

should i stay or should i leave
tell me would you believe
if i die in your arms
will you keep me in your dreams
there is something weird in me
that i will call agony
pain fills me rapidly
so i lose my harmony