.:- Mindfuck on mainstreet

Mindfuck on mainstreet

Take no risk and stay adjusted
Mister nice guy, lady love
Move your ass, but keep the track
Let it happen, don’t look back
Never had an own opinion
Try to think like others do
Search for questions in your life
Try to find some of the answers

Never swim against the mainstream
Easy-care and supervised
Nice to be a shining sunbeam
Feel so glad, so realized

You were born to be a loser
Mister nice guy, lady love
Kiss my ass and cry for healing
Don’t expect a kind of feeling

Mindfuck on mainstreet every day
Bloody reality so far away

The way of life already fixed
Good and bad and ugly mixed

There’s no sunshine after the rain
It’s too late now to clean up your brain

Raise your hands and stamp your fuckin’ feet
Deny the misery of mother earth
Don’t think twice it isn’t worth

Poor element of the fuckin’ mainstream