.:- Haunted by female nightmares

black gods rising from the sea ancient faith will always be
ear old stories and tales forgotten spirits prevail
clouds on the burning sky bloody rituals never die
spiritual healing no regrets been forever obsessed

groaning for the perfect victim erotic fail form of addiction
tangling softly through their hair kissing necks full of despair
preparing to finally end it up determine for the final cut
blood on innocent hands only wanted to get friends

followed by them in my dreams full of horror and screams
why must be done this to me so full of anger and grim
run to the forest to forget but that's where the ghosts meet
try to escape of this vision hide in the woods feeling saved

i'm just a weird man doing things noone understand
never been loved - heart & stone / never noticed - torn to the bone
soon i'll have my revenge my urge now out of range
fragrance of delightful girls hips breasts and fair curls

scissors and axe in my hands hours of slaying I've spent
ripping corpses follow me i never wanted to agree
will I find my way back home or enter the pleasuredome
end up in cranky chaos nailed upon the iron cross

too many drinks of sadness
too much glasses of frustration
i'm bored of playing the fool
i never wanted to act cruel


try to escape of this vision the end is near now