.:- Escape
  they´ve been together more than a while
so near to obsession in an addicted style
never had worries or kind of failure
have planned their life for the rest of their days

you were the one who made me carry
the weight of my fears that i'm scared of
it seems i'm falling out of rainy clouds
of bitter tears you've cried for me
i see the stars all above me
the moon is full sun will never shine
i'm free of my fears and noone comes near
on this lonesome road down the valley of tears

but now she found the man of her dreams
she told to leave him an he silent screamed
far from oblivion he tried to escape
from the horror he felt inside

i want to be where all angels fly
anonther start a new try
i 'll be free for this endless life
and no more feelings of bitter strife

the sun was rising on the black horizon
just like his feelings and horrible thoughts
could not believe that life will end up like this
one step forward an no way back